Patagonia Action Works, Social Media
About These Projects

We all like getting paid for our work but I feel strongly that we need to give back to organizations that we believe in. I volunteer through Patagonia Action Works (Catchafire) to use my graphic design skills to support non-profit organizations and their environmental causes.

I worked with Cat Rock Adventures to make these Instagram posts to showcase all the work they are doing for underserved kids in the Bronx. Check out this amazing non-profit: Cat Rock Adventures. The second project was for Mississippi Park Connection, which works in partnership with the National Park Service, helping connect people to the local natural resources in their community. I’m particularly proud of my designs that were used to wrap the park van as well as on the Junior Ranger badge! Most recently I worked for Coastal Watershed Council in Santa Cruz, CA. Their mission is to teach the community about the San Lorenzo River which is the main water source for Santa Cruz.